Alf Gadberry
Designer, Illustrator



Hello, I’m Alf Gadberry!

I specialize in brand development, graphic design, and illustration.


I am a designer/illustrator and cat fancier based in Manhattan. I was born in Montreal, Canada and grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. I received my BA in Architecture and Design at Universidad Simon Bolivar, one of the top universities in South America. I specialize in graphic design, brand development, and illustration (print, digital, and by hand).  

As a former architect, I pay close attention to spatial concepts and the rigor of design processes. As a visual artist, I take inspiration from science fiction, graphic novels, and, of course, the amazing city of New York. When I am not designing or painting, I am often exploring the city, throwing toy mice to my cat, taking photos, training in Aikido, or riding my bike. I am always looking for new artistic inspirations, opportunities and creative endeavors.

Learn about my illustration process here.

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