Alf Gadberry
Designer, Illustrator



Hi! I’m Alf Gadberry

Illustration, design & branding.


Welcome to my illustration brochure page. I want to walk you through my three favorite mediums: acrylic, ink, and collage. Each medium will reflect a different approach to solve a conceptual problem at different scales: from urban landscapes to fun characters to more abstract ideas.


Urban Landscapes

Acrylic + illustrator/photoshop.


Acrylic is one of  my preferred mediums to represent complex urban spaces. Depending on the goal, the spatial representation, characters, and color palette can be malleable. They can generate a wider vision beyond the original concept. 

Beyond the hand-made aesthetic, for a more commercial aesthetic, I begin with illustration as a foundation and then process those original illustrations using illustrator or photoshop, giving more life to the illustration through the use of color blocks. This is a friendly medium for a fast change of color palette, scenery modification, motion graphics, and PMS matching for printing media. 




Ink + photoshop


When I illustrate characters, I find the greatest freedom in ink. Ink is part of my everyday practice,from sketching to final art illustrations. The final texture depends on the brushes or nibs selected. Depending on the tool, I can obtain textures that translate well into feelings that help the viewer to understand and connect more with the idea.

This approach also allows me to move between ink and digital, which also lends itself easily to translating an image into color. This gives both freedom and flexibility to respond to clients' needs quickly.  




Magazine butchering + Photoshop


When it comes to conceptualization, I find collage to be the most powerful technique for brainstorming and to work through complex ideas. The flexibility of the medium helps me discover and define my aesthetic direction. This process also unleashes surprising results that open into additional explorations depending on platform or goal.


I often post works in progress that show my process on Instagram. Check it out here.


Thank you for your time!